My Top Star Wars Moments 5

“You think you can turn him? Pathetic child… I cannot be betrayed… I cannot be beaten. I see his mind… I see his every intent. Yes… I see him turning the lightsaber to strike true! And now… foolish child… he ignites it… and KILLS HIS TRUE ENEMY!” Supreme Leader Snoke – The Last Jedi WhoContinue reading “My Top Star Wars Moments 5”

My Top Star Wars Moments – 3

“No, I am your Father.” As far as top moments go in Star Wars, this is always on the list. I still remember, to this day, my reaction to this moment the first time I saw it. Sat on the floor in the front room, enthralled by the Luke and Vader duel. When Vader cutContinue reading “My Top Star Wars Moments – 3”

My Top Star Wars Moments – 2

This moment has been burned into my brain since the moment I first saw it in the November of 1998, seeing ‘The Mask of Zorro’ with my Dad. We watched the trailers patiently, but it was nothing memorable. Then, expecting the film to start, we got the Lucasfilm logo. Those few minutes went by inContinue reading “My Top Star Wars Moments – 2”

My Top Star Wars Moments – 1

This will be a new semi-regular segment of short posts that detail some of my favourite moments in the Star Wars saga, and they will be in no particular order. This scene in ‘Solo: A Star War Story’, for me, is one of the most amazing, poignant and beautiful moments in the whole saga. TheContinue reading “My Top Star Wars Moments – 1”