#CollectionCorner: Lego AT-AT Set Review

In terms of excitement and ‘The Razorcrest’ near desperation, the ‘AT-AT’ was always a set I wanted but could happily wait, which is why I didn’t rush to buy this set in its initial release, instead opting to wait for my birthday this year… And wait I did, as after another month and a halfContinue reading “#CollectionCorner: Lego AT-AT Set Review”

War of the Bounty Hunters Issue 2

Boba Fett finds his way into the Crimson Dawn party after encountering an old friend. Once disguised and inside, he tasks a new ally with a job and attempts to sabotage the party as the auction draws to an end, leading him into a chance encounter with Leia, Lando and Chewie as Darth Vader makesContinue reading “War of the Bounty Hunters Issue 2”

Darth Vader: War of the Bounty Hunters Part 1 Review

After successfully thwarting Booka’s attempt to kill him, Vader uses the Hutt to gain access to Hutt Space and a Droid Gang’s base to find the lost Carbonite clad Han Solo, only to come up against IG-88 and Bokka’s own weapons. A return to form for the ‘Darth Vader’ series. Vader kicks some serious DroidContinue reading “Darth Vader: War of the Bounty Hunters Part 1 Review”

War of the Bounty Hunters Issue 1

What the #%$¥ just happened? I got the first part of Charles Soule’s central story to the ‘War of the Bounty Hunters’ crossover event, expecting something pretty cool, enjoyable and action packed like the Prelude. What I got was a complete and utter masterclass in Star Wars comics storytelling that will be hard to topContinue reading “War of the Bounty Hunters Issue 1”

Doctor Aphra: The Engine Job Part 4

After last issues ridiculous cliffhanger and a very misleading cover for this issue, this is probably my least favourite issue of this series. After their obvious survival, Aphra and Sana return to the bar to find everyone dead. They decide that their best course of action is to go to Midarr and get the hyperdriveContinue reading “Doctor Aphra: The Engine Job Part 4”

#CollectionCorner Lando Calrissian ‘The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary’ Black Series Review

“Hello, what have we here?” When I dove into ‘The Black Series’ figures and started getting the 40th Anniversary series for ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ I debated buying the Lando figure. Had to had not long released a Lando from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, which looked pretty good in terms of the sculpt and theContinue reading “#CollectionCorner Lando Calrissian ‘The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary’ Black Series Review”

Darth Vader: Into the Fire Part 6

After finally reaching Exogol, Palpatine tests Vader once again to determine whether he is still worthy of being a Sith Apprentice as Vader learns of his Master’s secret plans. Questions get answered in this issue, we learn more about Palpatine’s master plan on Exogol than any of the material published around ‘The Rise of Skywalker’Continue reading “Darth Vader: Into the Fire Part 6”

Doctor Aphra: The Engine Job Part 3

On their search for a Nihil Hyperdrive Engine, Aphra and Sana come across a whole bunch of old Nihil ships, and of course, trouble. I’m not going to lie to you folks, but I’ve been really looking forward to this issue but had to wait to get it but was it worth the wait? Absolutely.Continue reading “Doctor Aphra: The Engine Job Part 3”

Doctor Aphra Audio Drama Review

Like ‘Dooku: Jedi Lost’, Del Rey have published the full Audio Drama script for the brilliant ‘Doctor Aphra’ Audio Drama in Hardback (6th April). To celebrate the release, here is my original review for the Audio Drama. When it was announced, I was so excited to be getting new ‘Doctor Aphra’ content. The previous audioContinue reading “Doctor Aphra Audio Drama Review”

Star Wars: Operation Starlight Part 4

With the Rebel Fleet still in tatters, Leia and Kes share a moment of quiet to swap stories about their respective partners. Soule slows the action down for a rare quiet moment which, after the past three issues is a needed chance to pause and have some character beats that don’t revolve around the action.Continue reading “Star Wars: Operation Starlight Part 4”

Darth Vader: Into the Fire Part 5

As Vader and Ochi are chased by Sly Moore into the Red Nebula on their way to Exogol, they experience visions of death before finally arriving at the long lost Planet of the Sith. We really get to see again how great a pilot Vader is, as he avoids destruction from the giant Space CthulhuContinue reading “Darth Vader: Into the Fire Part 5”

Luke Skywalker and Grogu: Master and Apprentice

Since last December, Star Wars fans have been asking the same question, “What happens to Grogu now he’s with Luke?”, which often is followed up with “Did Kylo kill Grogu when he destroyed the Jedi Temple?” Both are fair questions (the second however is flawed as ‘The Rise of Kylo Ren’ comic series revealed thatContinue reading “Luke Skywalker and Grogu: Master and Apprentice”

Star Wars: Operation Starlight Part 2 Review

As C-3PO and R2 work on fixing the ‘Talky’ Droid, it reactivates and goes haywire until Lobot steps in and uses his cybernetic link to calm the Droid allowing it to communicate. C-3PO requests that the Droid assist them in translating the Thwark language. Talky initially denies the request and Lando steps in to makeContinue reading “Star Wars: Operation Starlight Part 2 Review”

Doctor Aphra: The Engine Job Part 1

Aphra comes face-to-face with Domina Tagge after doing her best to avoid the Bounty Hunters sent after her. After a great first arc, the adventure continues at a great pace. Told the story is bookended between Aphra’s arrival on Domina’s ship, The Acquisitor and the meeting between Domina and Aphra. The bulk is essential howContinue reading “Doctor Aphra: The Engine Job Part 1”

Star Wars: Operation Starlight Part 1

Kes Dameron and the Path Finders are sent on a mission to locate an ancient translator Droid for the Rebellion. I feel like this is the story arc I have been waiting for in this series. I’ve been hoping to see Kes Dameron and Shara Bey in action after Soule reintroduced them to us inContinue reading “Star Wars: Operation Starlight Part 1”

Darth Vader: Into the Fire Part 2

Vader’s punishment continues. Broken and beaten, Vader makes it to the Techno Union outpost but is being followed by a mysterious character. Once inside he relives his massacre of the Separatist Leaders whilst he has a group of MSE Droids help attach various droid limbs to allow him full movement. The mysterious character arrives, introducingContinue reading “Darth Vader: Into the Fire Part 2”

#CollectionCorner – Winter 2021 Reveals

Over the last few days, Lego have been releasing information about next years Winter sets and THE BROTHERS BRICK put out the Star Wars selection recently. First up is the new ‘Red 5 X-Wing’, featuring Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, R2-D2 and, for the first time, General Dodonna. This is one of the new “Reboot” sets,Continue reading “#CollectionCorner – Winter 2021 Reveals”

From A Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back Review

With ‘From A Certain Point of View: A New Hope’ firmly on my list of Star Wars books I’m really not all that keen on, ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ version gave me a bit of an internal debate. On the one hand, ‘Empire’ is and always has been my favourite of the films, it’s theContinue reading “From A Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back Review”

Star Wars: The Will of Tarkin Part 2

In the midst of battle, Commander Zahara finally comes face-to-face with her quarry, Leia Organa. In a flashback, we see a conversation between Vader and Palpatine who tasks Vader with hunting down the Rebels after the events of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ but Vader refuses but tasks Zahara, who has been overseeing an Imperial MiningContinue reading “Star Wars: The Will of Tarkin Part 2”

Doctor Aphra: Fortune and Fate Part 5

The first arc draws to an enjoyable and an incredible ‘Indiana Jones’ style conclusion. Now on Canto Bight, Aphra and her crew are the Prisoners of Ronan Tagge, who gets to do a Bond-Villain style monologue about why he wants to destroy the Rings of Vaale (bit of a pain-in-the-ass Kid who is living inContinue reading “Doctor Aphra: Fortune and Fate Part 5”

Darth Vader: Into the Fire Part 1

Vader is in trouble! Palpatine is very displeased with his apprentice who has allowed his anger and hate to slip away and become grief-stricken after his encounter with Sabé and the Amidalans. Vader is struck with the Emperor’s lightning before being attacked by the Royal Guards. Mas Amedda tells Vader that his actions, allowing LukeContinue reading “Darth Vader: Into the Fire Part 1”

#CollectionCorner Episode 6 – The Black Series Empire Strikes Back Yoda

This is the sixth episode of the #CollectionCorner VLog, this week I take a look at The Black Series ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ 40th Anniversary Yoda. This was originally released as a Patreon Exclusive but it’s now being released for all to enjoy. Thank you for visiting My Star Wars Life Debt. You can visitContinue reading “#CollectionCorner Episode 6 – The Black Series Empire Strikes Back Yoda”

Star Wars: The Will of Tarkin Part 1

The origins of the mysterious Commander Zahra are revealed as she prepares to tighten the noose on the struggling Rebel Fleet. A former protégé of Grand Moff Tarkin, who bested her peers and became Tarkin’s right hand during the final stages of constructional The Death Star. She fell out of his favour when a missionContinue reading “Star Wars: The Will of Tarkin Part 1”

#CollectionCorner Episode 4 – The Black Series Empire Strikes Back Han Solo

This is the fourth episode of the #CollectionCorner VLog, this week I take a look at The Black Series ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ 40th Anniversary Princess Leia. This was originally released as a Patreon Exclusive but it’s now being released for all to enjoy. Thank you for visiting My Star Wars Life Debt. You canContinue reading “#CollectionCorner Episode 4 – The Black Series Empire Strikes Back Han Solo”

Doctor Aphra: Fortune and Fate Part 4

The second act of Aphra’s triumphant return comes to a close, her team has been betrayed and they have nothing but desperation left… After Lucky’s betrayal, Aphra and the rest of the crew are locked in the Workshop, but Okka’s droid finds a way out via the City of Vaale’s sewer system. Underground, the teamContinue reading “Doctor Aphra: Fortune and Fate Part 4”

#CollectionCorner Episode 3 – The Black Series Empire Strikes Back Princess Leia

This is the third episode of the #CollectionCorner VLog, this week I take a look at The Black Series ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ 40th Anniversary Princess Leia. This was originally released as a Patreon Exclusive but it’s now being released for all to enjoy. Thank you for visiting My Star Wars Life Debt. You canContinue reading “#CollectionCorner Episode 3 – The Black Series Empire Strikes Back Princess Leia”

Lego VLOG – Imperial Shuttle Tydirium

Welcome to the new episode of the Lego VLog. Originally meant to be the 41st Episode, now the series is coming out to the public the release schedule is going to be a bit all over the place. This episode I build the Imperial Shuttle Tydirium from the 2014 ‘Rebels’ Wave. Hope you all enjoy,Continue reading “Lego VLOG – Imperial Shuttle Tydirium”

Darth Vader: Dark Heart of the Sith Part 5

Words can’t describe how much I am enjoying this Darth Vader run, so far it’s my favourite of all the Vader comics I have read, and that’s only five issues in. Vader visits Padmé’s tomb and is followed by Sabé and the other Amidalians. She begs Vader not to exhume her body, but the droidContinue reading “Darth Vader: Dark Heart of the Sith Part 5”

Star Wars: The Destiny Path Part 6 Review

The final part of Charles Soule’s first arc in the main ‘Star Wars’ run has come to an end, but not with a bang, but a rather satisfying whisper. After being rescued by R2, Luke learns more about the Jedi from Veela, including the name of his father, Anakin Skywalker. She tells him about anContinue reading “Star Wars: The Destiny Path Part 6 Review”

Me and My Padawan: The Empire Strikes Back

I wish I had recorded a commentary on this. On a recent car trip with Emma, she started talking about spaceships and going into space. I told her that Star Wars is set in space with spaceships. Her growing knowledge of the characters and understanding of ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’ let me think that it wasContinue reading “Me and My Padawan: The Empire Strikes Back”

Doctor Aphra: Fortune and Fate Part 3

The misadventures of the legendary Doctor Aphra continues in this third and exciting issue of the new run. Aphra and her team are held at blaster point by the soldiers of Ronan Tagge, after Lucky, Okka and Black Krrsantan fell into an underground corridor (last issue). They hear Aphra “double cross” them by agreeing toContinue reading “Doctor Aphra: Fortune and Fate Part 3”

Darth Vader: Dark Heart of the Sith Part 4 Comic Review

Thank the Maker this was released this week! Ever since the cliffhanger of the last issue I have been nigh on desperate for this issue to come out, coupled with the fact I have almost finished reading ‘Queen’s Peril’ and I am all in for the stories about Padmé and her Handmaidens. Vader, Sabé, TonraContinue reading “Darth Vader: Dark Heart of the Sith Part 4 Comic Review”

Star Wars: The Destiny Path Part 5 – Comic Review

Well hello there, I feel like I’ve been waiting for this issue for months… oh wait, we have. But now it’s back and it’s more than welcome. Yes folks, Soule has done it again. The issue focuses mainly on Luke as he searches for the mysterious woman from his vision in the previous issue. BasedContinue reading “Star Wars: The Destiny Path Part 5 – Comic Review”

Alphabet Squadron: Shadow Fall by Alexander Freed Book Review

Like ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, Freed has managed to tell a wonderfully personal story for all of his characters amidst a seemingly impossible campaign. George Lucas has often talked about how ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ has to bring the heroes to a dark place at the end, their victories from the first part almost forgottenContinue reading “Alphabet Squadron: Shadow Fall by Alexander Freed Book Review”

Darth Vader Issue 3 – Dark Heart of the Sith Part 3

The Dark Lord returns in the first issue of Greg Pak’s series to be released since March, and I feel that it deserves a very, very warm welcome. Sabé and Vader have reached Naboo and Vader’s memories of Padmé are coming back thick and fast as he remembers their time on Naboo during ‘Attack ofContinue reading “Darth Vader Issue 3 – Dark Heart of the Sith Part 3”

Doctor Aphra Vol. 4 – The Catastrophe Con

I am really enjoying this series, it’s quickly becoming my favourite of all the Star Wars comics from Marvel right now. The character of Aphra is one of my favourite original characters from the new expanded materials. I am so pleased that I made the decision to go back and read the whole of herContinue reading “Doctor Aphra Vol. 4 – The Catastrophe Con”

Doctor Aphra Vol. 3 – Remastered Review

Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the previous two Aphra books, ‘Remastered’ takes what we have loved about the series and upped the greatness to 11. Some time has passed and Aphra is now working for 000 who has taken over the Son-Tuul Crime Syndicate and is using Aphra’s expertise to locate his original memory disc. TheContinue reading “Doctor Aphra Vol. 3 – Remastered Review”

Star Wars: Heir to the Jedi Book Review

Written by Kevin Hearne, ‘Heir to the Jedi’ follows Luke Skywalker as he goes on a pair of missions for the Rebellion, firstly to Rodia where he is meant to set up a contact with some arms dealers, the second to rescue a Slicer who is working (under duress) for the Empire and reunite herContinue reading “Star Wars: Heir to the Jedi Book Review”

#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Section 10

And then it was built. After two months (of intermittent) building I completed this immeasurable Lego set. First up is the Conference Room where the Imperial leaders meet to discuss the missing plans as well as two of the dividing walls. The table doesn’t secure to the base but can be used as a storageContinue reading “#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Section 10”

Star Wars Vol. 10 – The Escape

Kieron Gillen starts moving the pieces across the board ready for the endgame in this story arc. With the help of Sana Starros, Han, Luke and Leia land on the supposedly uninhabited planet, Hubin whilst the Smuggler heads off to try to find somewhere for the Rebel leaders to hide. After learning of a settlementContinue reading “Star Wars Vol. 10 – The Escape”

#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Section 9

Here we go, the penultimate entry into the the Death Star build. I imagine this was how Krennic felt close to the events of ‘Rogue One’. This section is essentially the floor of the top section with a few added bits here and there. The first part is the floor that covers the Super WeaponContinue reading “#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Section 9”

#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Section 8

Well, the Death Star weapon is now fully operational. If the construction of the super weapon went as easily as this then the Empire would have done more damage much quicker. The first part of the section is the base of the weapon, the middle is full of gears and rods. One side has aContinue reading “#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Section 8”

#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Section 7

This section shocked me. Honestly, I sat down to start building and thought to myself, ‘Do one section tonight, will take about an hour.’ Wrong! Took two hours, which wouldn’t be a problem, but I started at about 11pm. So yeah, I was knackered the next day, thank the Maker it was a weekend. TheContinue reading “#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Section 7”

Star Wars: Issue 4 – The Destiny Path Part 4

Following on from the last issue, which, as I said in my review, felt like a set up for this issue (and I feel I was right to a degree), we find our heroes in respective spots of bother. Lando is locked in the core of Cloud City with Lobot who is hooked up toContinue reading “Star Wars: Issue 4 – The Destiny Path Part 4”

Darth Vader Issue 2 – Dark Heart of the Sith Part 2

Vader remembers back to the Battle of Geonosis, to the moment where Padmé confesses her love to him and the moments in the battle where they fought together whilst he tries to talk to the woman who looks like his dead wife in front of him. She attacks him and he Force Chokes her butContinue reading “Darth Vader Issue 2 – Dark Heart of the Sith Part 2”

#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Sections 5 and 6

Section 5 Halfway there!!! The fifth section is THE MIDDLE. The whole of the middle floor is built in this section and it’s done in four quarters. The different sections are (anti-clockwise from top left) The Emperor’s Throne Room, Docking Bay, Superlaser Control and finally the Detention Block. The Docking Bay has a hole inContinue reading “#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Sections 5 and 6”

#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Section 4

When I fished out all of the bags for Section 4 I had a mild panic. There were only three bags as opposed to the usual (so far) four. Once I opened them all up and sorted the pieces into a somewhat ordered set of piles I realised why, this Section isn’t a huge constructionContinue reading “#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Section 4”

Star Wars Vol. 9 – Hope Dies

Following on from the previous book, ‘Hope Dies’ shows just how devastating Trios’ deception is for the Rebellion. After upgrading the Mon Cal cruisers for war, during a celebration which will have those new cruisers sent out int the Galaxy, everything goes wrong. The Shu-Toren mechanics have installed programs that will shut out all commands,Continue reading “Star Wars Vol. 9 – Hope Dies”

#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Section 3

“What a wonderful smell you’ve discovered!” The third section has been completed and we get the main part of one of the most iconic scenes from ‘A New Hope’, that’s right, the Trash Compactor. The first part of theirs section gives us part of the back wall of the Compactor with an open door andContinue reading “#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Section 3”

Star Wars Vol. 8 – Mutiny at Mon Cala

In an attempt to build a fleet for the Rebel Alliance, Leia attempts to recruit the Mon Cala to their cause. The Regent of the planet doesn’t accept her invitation and the Rebels try to find a way to change his mind. Leia comes up with a plan that involves Queen Trios from Shu-Toren. TheyContinue reading “Star Wars Vol. 8 – Mutiny at Mon Cala”

#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Section 2

Unlike Moff Jerjerrod, I don’t feel like I am behind schedule… Section 2 builds the second level of the Death Star, which includes three new rooms and a large space which will become clearer later on. I build this section in two Building Sessions, both of around an hour each (roughly) The first building sessionContinue reading “#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Section 2”

Star Wars Vol. 7 – Ashes of Jedha

A mission to unite the former Partisans of Saw Gurrera and the Rebel Alliance sees Luke, Han, Leia and the Droids working with Benthic Two-Tubes and the rest of the freedom fighters on the ruined world of Jedha. The Empire is continuing to strip-mine the planet of Kyber Crystals but due to the unstable natureContinue reading “Star Wars Vol. 7 – Ashes of Jedha”

Star Wars Vol. 6 – Out Among The Stars

Jason Aaron finishes his run on Star Wars with a whisper, rather than a bang in this collection of one-shots following the main characters doing different things and essentially tying up one loose thread, and it was rather disappointing. The first part has Luke and Leia stranded on a planet until an Imperial entanglement givesContinue reading “Star Wars Vol. 6 – Out Among The Stars”

Star Wars: Issue 2 – The Destiny Path Part 2

The new ‘Star Wars’ run continues this week and Charles Soule keeps the momentum going at a great pace. This issue continues the conversation about trust between Lando and Leia, he finally convinces her to let him go and try to find Han, she agrees but sends Chewie with him. They go to Tatooine butContinue reading “Star Wars: Issue 2 – The Destiny Path Part 2”

#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Section 1

For years I had been after this set. No word of a lie, when it was released it went straight to the top of my wish list. And every time it dropped in price or went into a sale it was always a really inconvenient time so I basically became resigned to missing out onContinue reading “#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Section 1”

The Screaming Citadel – Star Wars/ Doctor Aphra Crossover

Well… it happened… Star Wars went full on horror and it was fun, it was creepy and I enjoyed it thoroughly. After getting into a bar brawl, Luke meets (again) Doctor Aphra who takes him to a distant planet where once a year, the Queen of the Planet hosts a party where her guests bringContinue reading “The Screaming Citadel – Star Wars/ Doctor Aphra Crossover”

Doctor Aphra Vol. 1 – Aphra

Writer – Kieron Gillen Penciller – Kev Walker Inkers – Kev Walker & Marc Deering Colour Artist – Antonio Fabela Kieron Gillen ended his run on ‘Darth Vader’ with Aphra escaping death in an escape pod. Then, Gillen took his new and original character and brought us a great new series. The first arc letsContinue reading “Doctor Aphra Vol. 1 – Aphra”

Star Wars Vol. 5 – Yoda’s Secret War

Writer – Jason Aaron Art – Salvador Larroca Colourist – Edgar Delgado Well, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to revisiting this story arc. It was the last one I read before life got in the way of the comic collecting and I put it on hold and I really wasn’t all that fussed about quittingContinue reading “Star Wars Vol. 5 – Yoda’s Secret War”

Star Wars: Issue 1 – The Destiny Path (Part 1 l) Review

Well, Charles Soule is at it again folks and this time he’s shepherding us into a new era for the Star Wars comics, the time between ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and ‘Return of the Jedi’. The story starts almost straight after the Millennium Falcon escapes ‘The Executor’. Luke is reliving the moments after Vader cutContinue reading “Star Wars: Issue 1 – The Destiny Path (Part 1 l) Review”

‘Tis The Season To Build Lego 2019 – Day 22

The run-up to Christmas has arrived and with it the all important Advent Calendar. Once again, my Wife, the Saint, the Expert Gifter, the Gift-Giving Goddess has got me the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar and with it she has, once again, also given all of you dear readers 24 days of Blog Posts. TodayContinue reading “‘Tis The Season To Build Lego 2019 – Day 22”