Me and My Padawan: The Empire Strikes Back

I wish I had recorded a commentary on this. On a recent car trip with Emma, she started talking about spaceships and going into space. I told her that Star Wars is set in space with spaceships. Her growing knowledge of the characters and understanding of ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’ let me think that it wasContinue reading “Me and My Padawan: The Empire Strikes Back”

Me and My Padawan: Galaxy of Adventures

Over the last few weeks I have noticed an increased interest in Star Wars from my 3 year old Daughter, which has been at times, amazing and others almost stress inducing. One of the biggest things she has enjoyed has been the ‘Galaxy of Adventures’ short animations on the ‘Star Wars Kids’ Youtube Channel. AsContinue reading “Me and My Padawan: Galaxy of Adventures”