Children of the Jedi by Barbara Hambly Audiobook Review

I am not going to lie, as I listened to this, after reading it back in the late 90’s and barely remembering any of it, I had a few “What the #*$%?” moments, where I would have to take a moment to process what it was I had just listened to. The story follows twoContinue reading “Children of the Jedi by Barbara Hambly Audiobook Review”

Luke Skywalker and Grogu: Master and Apprentice

Since last December, Star Wars fans have been asking the same question, “What happens to Grogu now he’s with Luke?”, which often is followed up with “Did Kylo kill Grogu when he destroyed the Jedi Temple?” Both are fair questions (the second however is flawed as ‘The Rise of Kylo Ren’ comic series revealed thatContinue reading “Luke Skywalker and Grogu: Master and Apprentice”

Star Wars: Operation Starlight Part 3

Lobot’s life hangs in the balance whilst Starlight Squadron faces off against Zahra’s Star Destroyer and take on a daring mission into the heart of Zahra’s ship. Lando and Kes’ showdown comes to a head whilst C-3PO is up to something. He manages to download the needed language into his own memory and turns offContinue reading “Star Wars: Operation Starlight Part 3”

I, Jedi by Michael A. Stackpole Audiobook Review

Rogue Squadron Pilot Corran Horn begins his Jedi Training and uses his CorSec skills to track down the Pirates who have kidnapped his wife. Michael A. Stackpole writes a first person story focusing on Corran Horn who he introduced in the ‘X-Wing’ series. The story weaves through the narrative from Kevin J. Anderson’s ‘Jedi Academy’Continue reading “I, Jedi by Michael A. Stackpole Audiobook Review”

The High Republic: A Test of Courage by Justina Ireland Review

WARNING! SPOILERS!!! Being a Star Wars fan in the UK can have its ups and downs… on the plus side, we tend to get the films earlier in cinemas (by a day). On the down side, we always have to wait longer for the Middle Grade and Young Adult novels to get released, and neverContinue reading “The High Republic: A Test of Courage by Justina Ireland Review”

Champions of the Force by Kevin J. Anderson Audiobook Review

With Jedi Master Luke Skywalker in a comatose state and Kyp Durron continues his path of destruction, it’s up to Han and Lando to stop the possessed Jedi whilst Leia worries about the ailing Mon Mothma and an attack on the secret location of her and Han’s third child, Anakin. Kyp uses the Sun CrusherContinue reading “Champions of the Force by Kevin J. Anderson Audiobook Review”

The New Jedi Order: Agents of Chaos (Part 1) – Hero’s Trial

After bumping into Roa, an old friend, Han Solo leaves his friends and family on a quest to track down and wipe out a group of Yuuzhan Vong allies called ‘The Peace Brigade’ and ends up in the middle of a New Republic Special Ops mission with a new ally, a Ryn called Droma. Meanwhile,Continue reading “The New Jedi Order: Agents of Chaos (Part 1) – Hero’s Trial”

Dark Apprentice by Kevin J. Anderson Audiobook Review

As Luke’s Jedi Academy grows, so does a Dark evil, threatening to destroy the fledgling Jedi Order before it had even begun, meanwhile, Princess Leia has to contend with an ailing Mon Mothma and the sudden depart of Admiral Ackbar after piloting error caused the Mon Calamari to crash his ship into a historic monumentContinue reading “Dark Apprentice by Kevin J. Anderson Audiobook Review”

#CollectionCorner – The Mandalorian (Beskar Armour) Black Series Figure

What a beautiful figure! What amazing packaging! It’s so beautiful! This was one of those additions to the collection that just made my day when it arrived from Star Action Figures (mere days after the influx that was the whole set of ‘Rebels’ figures). The Black Series figures have always had a high level ofContinue reading “#CollectionCorner – The Mandalorian (Beskar Armour) Black Series Figure”

Jedi Search by Kevin J. Anderson Audiobook Review

If ever there was a trilogy of books that I regretted getting rid of other than Timothy Zahn’s ‘Empire Trilogy’ it’s Kevin J. Anderson’s Jedi Academy Trilogy. ‘Jedi Search’ was one of my most-read Star Wars books when I was younger, along with the rest of the trilogy, for me it was all about theContinue reading “Jedi Search by Kevin J. Anderson Audiobook Review”

Star Wars: The High Republic Issue 2 – There is No Fear Part 2

WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! Sskeer, Keeve and the twins, Ceret and Terec have been sent to investigate a distress beacon. When they arrive they sense a single survivor on the inactive ship. On board they realise the ship was attacked by The Nihil. The group splits up, Sskeer and Terec explore the ship looking for survivorsContinue reading “Star Wars: The High Republic Issue 2 – There is No Fear Part 2”

Doctor Aphra: The Engine Job Part 2

I love this series. There. I said it. Out of the three ongoing series I read (and not including’The High Republic as we are only one issue in) it has been consistently fantastic and this issue is no different. Aphra finds Sana Starros on Corellia and spends the majority of the issue trying to convinceContinue reading “Doctor Aphra: The Engine Job Part 2”

Darth Vader: Into the Fire Part 4 Review

On the run from Ochi’s Droid Assassins, most of the issue is taken up with action as Vader destroys the Droids. Once they are vanquished, he threatens Ochi’s life, forcing the assassin to help him hook up the Wayfinder to the Jedi Interceptor used by Anakin Skywalker to reach Mustafaar in ‘Revenge of the Sith’.Continue reading “Darth Vader: Into the Fire Part 4 Review”

The New Jedi Order: Dark Tide (Part 2) – Ruin by Michael A. Stackpole

After the loss of Dantooine, The New Republic looks for allies and answers as a new weapon presents itself that could turn the tide of war. With the New Republic on the run once again, Leia turns to The Imperial Remnant, led by Admiral Gilad Pellaeon for aid against the Yuuzhan Vong. Corran Horn, GannerContinue reading “The New Jedi Order: Dark Tide (Part 2) – Ruin by Michael A. Stackpole”

The New Jedi Order: Dark Tide (Part 1) – Onslaught by Michael A. Stackpole

I’ve finally gotten around to reading this after finishing ‘Vector Prime‘ months ago. It’s not because it’s taken me months to read (it’s barely 300 pages) but the mass amount of Star Wars content we have had since has kept me busy. ‘Dark Tide: Onslaught’ was the first book from ‘The New Jedi Order’ seriesContinue reading “The New Jedi Order: Dark Tide (Part 1) – Onslaught by Michael A. Stackpole”

Star Wars: Operation Starlight Part 2 Review

As C-3PO and R2 work on fixing the ‘Talky’ Droid, it reactivates and goes haywire until Lobot steps in and uses his cybernetic link to calm the Droid allowing it to communicate. C-3PO requests that the Droid assist them in translating the Thwark language. Talky initially denies the request and Lando steps in to makeContinue reading “Star Wars: Operation Starlight Part 2 Review”

#CollectionCorner – The Razorcrest Lego

It’s with extra special thanks to my wife Sara that this post is possible. After hunting online for this in all the usual places (Lego, Amazon, Smyths Toys) and coming up empty handed in the run up to Christmas, I had resolved myself to the fact that I wasn’t going to be getting this setContinue reading “#CollectionCorner – The Razorcrest Lego”

#CollectionCorner – Summer 2021 Lego Rumours

Thanks to the always informative JediJacPenguin, recently updated with some exciting looking sets, which at this point are rumours, and what’s exciting, a couple of these were even on my recent Mandalorian Lego Wishlist. Summer 2021 On the list for the Summer, there are seven sets on the list, however not all of them haveContinue reading “#CollectionCorner – Summer 2021 Lego Rumours”

Star Wars: X-Wing 4 – The Bacta War Audiobook by Michael A. Stackpole

After the majority of the team resigned their post, Rogue Squadron is well and truly rogue and taking the fight to Isaard on Thyferra. Wedge Antilles and the rest of Rogue Squadron end up on their own after resigning in the previous book, The Krytos Trap. Their newfound freedom from the Politics of the fledglingContinue reading “Star Wars: X-Wing 4 – The Bacta War Audiobook by Michael A. Stackpole”

#CollectionCorner – The Mandalorian Lego Wishlist

With two seasons of ‘The Mandalorian’ under our collective belts, I can’t help but wonder if, next year, we’ll be seeing some new Lego sets based on the series. At this point we’ve got four sets, the AT-ST Raider, The Razorcrest (or The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Transport), The Child Buildable Character and Trouble on Tatooine.Continue reading “#CollectionCorner – The Mandalorian Lego Wishlist”

Star Wars: X-Wing 3 – The Krytos Trap Audiobook by Michael A. Stackpole

With a terrifying virus killing non-humans, one of their own on trial for treason and another imprisoned, believed dead, Rogue Squadron must save the day on many fronts. ‘The Krytos Trap’ does something I never even thought I would encounter, let alone enjoy. We get a courtroom drama in Star Wars. The trial of TychoContinue reading “Star Wars: X-Wing 3 – The Krytos Trap Audiobook by Michael A. Stackpole”

Star Wars: The High Republic Issue 1

It’s here! It’s finally here! Having read ‘Light of the Jedi’ last month (Spoiler Free Review Here), I have been waiting desperately for new content from ‘The High Republic’ and after finding out that ‘A Test of Courage’ will be released in February in the UK it’s al down to the Marvel run of ‘TheContinue reading “Star Wars: The High Republic Issue 1”

Star Wars: The High Republic – Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule Book Review (SPOILER FREE)

Wow! Just… wow! Charles Soule has introduced us to a phenomenal new era in the Star Wars saga in a way that, I feel, few others could have done. From the explosive first chapter right through to the end, Soule gives us a rip-roaring adventure that hasn’t been seen in Star Wars since ‘The EmpireContinue reading “Star Wars: The High Republic – Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule Book Review (SPOILER FREE)”

Rebels Revisited: A Life Debt Podcast

Just when you thought it was safe to plug in your headphones again… Starting today, The Life Debt Podcast is back with a special series that will be released DAILY until 5th March, the third anniversary of the end of the amazing series. Rebels Remembered was originally a Life Debt Patreon Exclusive, a series ofContinue reading “Rebels Revisited: A Life Debt Podcast”

Star Wars: X-Wing 2 – Wedge’s Gamble Audiobook by Michael A. Stackpole

Rogue Squadron take the offensive to the Imperial Capital of Coruscant in the second part of the X-Wing series. Rogue Squadron infiltrate the planet with a group of former Black Sun operatives who work to foil the Imperial leadership and claim the planet in the name of the fledgling New Republic. Corran Horn and hisContinue reading “Star Wars: X-Wing 2 – Wedge’s Gamble Audiobook by Michael A. Stackpole”

The Emotional Aftermath of ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2

WARNING!!! SPOILERS FOR THE MANDALORIAN SEASON 2 FINALE!!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! To preface this post, I am 34 years old, I have a wife and daughter. We own a house. We have four cats. I have depression which I am on medication for. All in all, I’m an adult. And Chapter 16 –Continue reading “The Emotional Aftermath of ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2”

Star Wars: X-Wing 1 – Rogue Squadron Audiobook by Michael A. Stackpole

Please allow me to take you down memory road for a moment… Back in late 1998, the release of the highly anticipated N64/PC game ‘Rogue Squadron’ was something I was very excited for, that was right at the top my Christmas list. In my preparation to be the best damned fighter pilot this side ofContinue reading “Star Wars: X-Wing 1 – Rogue Squadron Audiobook by Michael A. Stackpole”

Star Wars Reveals at Disney+ Investor Day 2020

Bob Chapek’s introduction gave us a hint of what we were in for later on in the four hour video aimed at investors, and it was a wonderful hint, 10 new Star Wars series/films. After the first selection of shows from FX and Star, Kathy Kennedy stepped up to discuss Lucasfilm’s offerings for Disney+. AndContinue reading “Star Wars Reveals at Disney+ Investor Day 2020”

Lego Star Wars Holiday Special Review

Happy Belated Life Day folks! I may have forgotten but Disney didn’t this year which I’m thankful for because Lucasfilm and Lego have teamed up and brought us a 47 minute bundle of Star Wars joy to take our minds off of 2020. The story, set after ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ centres on Rey asContinue reading “Lego Star Wars Holiday Special Review”

#CollectionCorner – Winter 2021 Mandalorian Reveal

Well thank you BRICK FANATICS for making me even more excited for 2021 than I already was. Images of the upcoming Lego set based on ‘The Mandalorian’ has been revealed and its shot right to the top of my ‘must buy’ list. Direct from Chapter 9: The Marshal, this 276 piece set brings us TheContinue reading “#CollectionCorner – Winter 2021 Mandalorian Reveal”

#CollectionCorner Episode 8 – An Unpacking

This is the eighth episode of the #CollectionCorner VLog, This week I unpack some Hasbro ‘Black Series’ figures, and I’m pretty excited. Thank you for visiting My Star Wars Life Debt. You can visit the YouTube Channel HERE. If you have enjoyed this blog/podcast, please like/share/comment/follow. Please visit the new Life Debt Merch Cantina HERE.Continue reading “#CollectionCorner Episode 8 – An Unpacking”

Doctor Aphra: Fortune and Fate Part 5

The first arc draws to an enjoyable and an incredible ‘Indiana Jones’ style conclusion. Now on Canto Bight, Aphra and her crew are the Prisoners of Ronan Tagge, who gets to do a Bond-Villain style monologue about why he wants to destroy the Rings of Vaale (bit of a pain-in-the-ass Kid who is living inContinue reading “Doctor Aphra: Fortune and Fate Part 5”

#CollectionCorner Episode 7 – Han Solo

This episode I take a look at the ‘Han Solo’ from ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Black Series figure from Hasbro. Thank you for visiting My Star Wars Life Debt. You can visit the YouTube Channel HERE. If you have enjoyed this blog/podcast, please like/share/comment/follow. Please visit the new Life Debt Merch Cantina HERE. FunkoContinue reading “#CollectionCorner Episode 7 – Han Solo”

Darth Vader: Into the Fire Part 1

Vader is in trouble! Palpatine is very displeased with his apprentice who has allowed his anger and hate to slip away and become grief-stricken after his encounter with Sabé and the Amidalans. Vader is struck with the Emperor’s lightning before being attacked by the Royal Guards. Mas Amedda tells Vader that his actions, allowing LukeContinue reading “Darth Vader: Into the Fire Part 1”

Star Wars: Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn Book Review

I can’t imagine the excitement for fans in 1991 when this book was released after eight years since ‘Return of the Jedi’ has been released. Of course there had been new content, the two Ewoks films as well as the Droids and Ewoks cartoons, but this was the first story that continued the heroes adventures.Continue reading “Star Wars: Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn Book Review”

Star Wars: Squadrons – The Battle of the Ringalli Nebula – Missions 12, 13 & 14

The final battle has arrived! After the Empire’s plot to divers the Starhawk was successful, the battle starts in earnest. Mission 12 has Vanguard Squadron escorting engineers to the nearby moon of Galitan where old Rebellion Comsats are reactivated for the New Republic to call in reinforcements. You finally get to pilot a U-Wing, usingContinue reading “Star Wars: Squadrons – The Battle of the Ringalli Nebula – Missions 12, 13 & 14”

The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer 2

HOLY SH*T! Without giving ANYTHING away, the new Trailer has just gone and blown my already in overdrive excitement to a WHOLE. NEW. LEVEL! “Razorcrest, stand down!” The opening takes us to the skies with the familiar shot of the Razorcrest being chased down by the X-Wings as seen in the first trailer. I thinkContinue reading “The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer 2”

Star Wars: Squadrons – Imperial Retaliation – Missions 8, 9, 10 & 11

After her humiliating defeat in the Zavian Abyss. Captain Kerrill’s Star Destroyer arrives in the Outer Rim, in the territory of Imperial Colonel Gralm who refuses to assist Kerrill’s attack on the Nadiri Ship Yards. Instead he enlists Titan Squadron to help defend his outpost against Rebel forces. Kerrill devises a plan where she isContinue reading “Star Wars: Squadrons – Imperial Retaliation – Missions 8, 9, 10 & 11”

Star Wars: Squadrons – Rebel Tactics – Missions 6 & 7

Jumping back to the New Republic part of the story, Lindon Javes has formed a plan to draw Captain Kerrill into a trap, starting by sending Vanguard Squadron to an Imperial Listening Post at Esseles. You take control of a Y-Wing fighter in this mission, your job is to get right up to the facilityContinue reading “Star Wars: Squadrons – Rebel Tactics – Missions 6 & 7”

Star Wars: Squadrons – Through Imperial Eyes – Missions 4 & 5

After spending the first three missions with with Vanguard Squadron, the next two missions introduce us to Titan Squadron. We already know Varko Grey, the Squad Leader, from the short film ‘Hunted’. The other three pilots are just as interesting. Firstly, we have Vonreg, whom I suspect is related to Major Vonreg from ‘Resistance’. SolContinue reading “Star Wars: Squadrons – Through Imperial Eyes – Missions 4 & 5”

The High Republic – Some Thoughts

As fans, when we get new content we inevitably have tonnes of questions on how the new stuff relates to the old stuff and relish the various connections and Easter Eggs, it’s part of the territory. So when we got the ‘High Republic’ announcement and teases, set 200 years before the Skywalker Saga. A periodContinue reading “The High Republic – Some Thoughts”

Me and My Padawan: Galaxy of Adventures

Over the last few weeks I have noticed an increased interest in Star Wars from my 3 year old Daughter, which has been at times, amazing and others almost stress inducing. One of the biggest things she has enjoyed has been the ‘Galaxy of Adventures’ short animations on the ‘Star Wars Kids’ Youtube Channel. AsContinue reading “Me and My Padawan: Galaxy of Adventures”

Star Wars: The New Jedi Order Review Series – Vector Prime by R. A. Salvatore

In the mid to late nineties I tried to follow the Expanded Universe as much as a kid could, but I had a lot of gaps in the collection, so when I found out about the ‘New Jedi Order’ I ended up starting with the second book in the series (it was the only oneContinue reading “Star Wars: The New Jedi Order Review Series – Vector Prime by R. A. Salvatore”

The Rumour Mill

The rumours coming out in the last few weeks have been almost overwhelming. And at this point I’m getting sick of hearing them. Lets go back a few weeks when the news was suddenly dropped that Rosario Dawson was playing Ahsoka in ‘The Mandalorian’ Season Two and the internet exploded, and rightfully so. Dawson hasContinue reading “The Rumour Mill”

Speculation! Star Wars Jedi: Franchise Ideas

Recently, during an earnings call, the head of EA Games announced that last years ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ will be the beginning of a new franchise of games. Whilst this isnt a big surprise, as Respawn had already been open about the fact they were hiring new staff to work on the inevitable sequel,Continue reading “Speculation! Star Wars Jedi: Franchise Ideas”

Doctor Aphra Vol. 2 – Doctor Aphra and the Enormous Profit Comic Review

Blessed be Doctor Aphra! After my recent foray into the Charles Soule ‘Darth Vader’ series and my growing disappointment in those comics, and the recent release of th new ‘Doctor Aphra’ series I have decided to jump back and dive into the first run of ‘Doctor Aphra.’ Of course, I have already started my readthroughContinue reading “Doctor Aphra Vol. 2 – Doctor Aphra and the Enormous Profit Comic Review”

Force Collector by Kevin Shinick Book Review

Released as a part of ‘Journey to The Rise of Skywalker’ wave of books and comics, ‘Force Collector’ doesn’t really tie into the latest film at all. I have seen people mention that it would have felt more at home as a part of ‘Journey to The Force Awakens’, given how it follows in theContinue reading “Force Collector by Kevin Shinick Book Review”

Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith Vol. 2 – Legacy’s End

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Either I am suffering from over-hype when it comes to this series or my expectations are too high after hearing all the praise but I am really not enjoying this series at all so far. This volume covers two shorter stories, the first follows Vader tracking Jocasta Nu whoContinue reading “Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith Vol. 2 – Legacy’s End”

My Top Star Wars Moments 5

“You think you can turn him? Pathetic child… I cannot be betrayed… I cannot be beaten. I see his mind… I see his every intent. Yes… I see him turning the lightsaber to strike true! And now… foolish child… he ignites it… and KILLS HIS TRUE ENEMY!” Supreme Leader Snoke – The Last Jedi WhoContinue reading “My Top Star Wars Moments 5”

Doctor Aphra: Issue 1 – Fortune and Fate Part 1 The Rings of Vaace

After a lengthy delay due to the COVID menace, we are finally able to get our (metaphorical) hands on the first issue of the new ‘Doctor Aphra’ series. Like the relaunches of the ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Darth Vader’ titles, the new ‘Aphra’ series is set between ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and ‘Return of the Jedi’Continue reading “Doctor Aphra: Issue 1 – Fortune and Fate Part 1 The Rings of Vaace”

#CollectionCorner – My Lego Wish List

Since I returned to the Lego collecting at the end of 2015, there have been a handful of sets that I had wanted to see return, really so that I could get them at a more normal and much less inflated price, because that secondary market is a bit steep sometimes. This post really isContinue reading “#CollectionCorner – My Lego Wish List”

General Hux: Mistreated or Misunderstood?

Over the last couple of weeks I have rewatched the entire Star Wars Saga, and as I made my way from ‘The Force Awakens’ and into ‘The Last Jedi’ seeing the treatment of General Hux, something many fans have had an issue with. When we first met Hux in TFA, he was a snivelling weaselContinue reading “General Hux: Mistreated or Misunderstood?”

Star Wars: Heir to the Jedi Book Review

Written by Kevin Hearne, ‘Heir to the Jedi’ follows Luke Skywalker as he goes on a pair of missions for the Rebellion, firstly to Rodia where he is meant to set up a contact with some arms dealers, the second to rescue a Slicer who is working (under duress) for the Empire and reunite herContinue reading “Star Wars: Heir to the Jedi Book Review”

#CollectionCorner – Lego Duel on Mustafar

There is something about these ‘Duel on…’ sets that I just love. The ‘Starkiller Base’ one was so well done that as soon as I heard about one based on the Anakin/Obi-Wan duel I knew it was a sure-thing for the collection. Luckily, in this early part of the year I generally don’t have toContinue reading “#CollectionCorner – Lego Duel on Mustafar”

What Differences Should We Expect Between the High Republic Jedi and the Jedi of the Prequel Era?

Something I have been contemplating for a while, which I started thinking about more after we got the descriptions of the main ‘High Republic’ characters is what will the state of the Jedi Order be in comparison to the Order during the Prequel Era? We can already see the differences in the visual style ofContinue reading “What Differences Should We Expect Between the High Republic Jedi and the Jedi of the Prequel Era?”

#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Section 9

Here we go, the penultimate entry into the the Death Star build. I imagine this was how Krennic felt close to the events of ‘Rogue One’. This section is essentially the floor of the top section with a few added bits here and there. The first part is the floor that covers the Super WeaponContinue reading “#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Section 9”

My Pre-Prequels Head Canon

Watching the Original Trilogy in the early 90’s, there was very little information on what happened before. All we really knew was what Obi-Wan told Luke. The Jedi Knights were guardians of peace and justice. When Obi-Wan met Anakin he was already a great pilot, was strong in the Force and they were best friends.Continue reading “My Pre-Prequels Head Canon”