Doctor Aphra: The Engine Job Part 3

On their search for a Nihil Hyperdrive Engine, Aphra and Sana come across a whole bunch of old Nihil ships, and of course, trouble. I’m not going to lie to you folks, but I’ve been really looking forward to this issue but had to wait to get it but was it worth the wait? Absolutely.Continue reading “Doctor Aphra: The Engine Job Part 3”

Doctor Aphra Audio Drama Review

Like ‘Dooku: Jedi Lost’, Del Rey have published the full Audio Drama script for the brilliant ‘Doctor Aphra’ Audio Drama in Hardback (6th April). To celebrate the release, here is my original review for the Audio Drama. When it was announced, I was so excited to be getting new ‘Doctor Aphra’ content. The previous audioContinue reading “Doctor Aphra Audio Drama Review”

Doctor Aphra: The Engine Job Part 2

I love this series. There. I said it. Out of the three ongoing series I read (and not including’The High Republic as we are only one issue in) it has been consistently fantastic and this issue is no different. Aphra finds Sana Starros on Corellia and spends the majority of the issue trying to convinceContinue reading “Doctor Aphra: The Engine Job Part 2”

Doctor Aphra: The Engine Job Part 1

Aphra comes face-to-face with Domina Tagge after doing her best to avoid the Bounty Hunters sent after her. After a great first arc, the adventure continues at a great pace. Told the story is bookended between Aphra’s arrival on Domina’s ship, The Acquisitor and the meeting between Domina and Aphra. The bulk is essential howContinue reading “Doctor Aphra: The Engine Job Part 1”

Doctor Aphra: Fortune and Fate Part 5

The first arc draws to an enjoyable and an incredible ‘Indiana Jones’ style conclusion. Now on Canto Bight, Aphra and her crew are the Prisoners of Ronan Tagge, who gets to do a Bond-Villain style monologue about why he wants to destroy the Rings of Vaale (bit of a pain-in-the-ass Kid who is living inContinue reading “Doctor Aphra: Fortune and Fate Part 5”

Doctor Aphra: Fortune and Fate Part 4

The second act of Aphra’s triumphant return comes to a close, her team has been betrayed and they have nothing but desperation left… After Lucky’s betrayal, Aphra and the rest of the crew are locked in the Workshop, but Okka’s droid finds a way out via the City of Vaale’s sewer system. Underground, the teamContinue reading “Doctor Aphra: Fortune and Fate Part 4”

Doctor Aphra: Fortune and Fate Part 3

The misadventures of the legendary Doctor Aphra continues in this third and exciting issue of the new run. Aphra and her team are held at blaster point by the soldiers of Ronan Tagge, after Lucky, Okka and Black Krrsantan fell into an underground corridor (last issue). They hear Aphra “double cross” them by agreeing toContinue reading “Doctor Aphra: Fortune and Fate Part 3”

Doctor Aphra Audio Drama by Sarah Kuhn

Emily Woo Zeller as Aphra Jonathan Davis as Boba Fett Sean Patrick Hopkins as Luke Skywalker Sean Kenin as Triple-Zero Nicole Lewis as Sana Starros Carol Monda as Maz Kanata Euan Morton as The Emperor Catherine Taber as Leia Organa Marc Thompson as Darth Vader When it was announced, I was so excited to be getting new ‘Doctor Aphra’ content. The previous audio drama, ‘Dooku: Jedi Lost’ was a great listen soContinue reading “Doctor Aphra Audio Drama by Sarah Kuhn”

Doctor Aphra: Fortune and Fate Part 2 – Haunted

The new adventures of everyone’s favourite rogue archeologist continue after over two months since the first issue of this new series came out, Aphra and her new crew are back and are on the hunt for The Lost City of Vaale, and a collection of rings that contain miraculous powers. You could easily call theContinue reading “Doctor Aphra: Fortune and Fate Part 2 – Haunted”

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Comic Review

I was lucky enough to pick this up on Kindle Unlimited before my trial period ran out, I was hesitant at first, really because part of me was worried it would just end up being a literary advert for the Galaxy’s Edge attraction. What I found was that I was mostly wrong. Of course weContinue reading “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Comic Review”

Doctor Aphra Vol. 4 – The Catastrophe Con

I am really enjoying this series, it’s quickly becoming my favourite of all the Star Wars comics from Marvel right now. The character of Aphra is one of my favourite original characters from the new expanded materials. I am so pleased that I made the decision to go back and read the whole of herContinue reading “Doctor Aphra Vol. 4 – The Catastrophe Con”