Darth Vader: Into the Fire Part 5

As Vader and Ochi are chased by Sly Moore into the Red Nebula on their way to Exogol, they experience visions of death before finally arriving at the long lost Planet of the Sith. We really get to see again how great a pilot Vader is, as he avoids destruction from the giant Space CthulhuContinue reading “Darth Vader: Into the Fire Part 5”

Darth Vader: Into the Fire Part 4 Review

On the run from Ochi’s Droid Assassins, most of the issue is taken up with action as Vader destroys the Droids. Once they are vanquished, he threatens Ochi’s life, forcing the assassin to help him hook up the Wayfinder to the Jedi Interceptor used by Anakin Skywalker to reach Mustafaar in ‘Revenge of the Sith’.Continue reading “Darth Vader: Into the Fire Part 4 Review”

Darth Vader: Into The Fire Part 3

Continuing his punishment by Palpatine, Vader encounters The Eye of the Webbish Bog and finds the key to learning The Emperor’s grand plan. Cut off from Ochi, Vader travels through treacherous terrain, guided by a mysterious voice as he battle creatures and visions until he encounters The Eye where he acquires the Wayfinder that KyloContinue reading “Darth Vader: Into The Fire Part 3”

Darth Vader: Into the Fire Part 2

Vader’s punishment continues. Broken and beaten, Vader makes it to the Techno Union outpost but is being followed by a mysterious character. Once inside he relives his massacre of the Separatist Leaders whilst he has a group of MSE Droids help attach various droid limbs to allow him full movement. The mysterious character arrives, introducingContinue reading “Darth Vader: Into the Fire Part 2”

Darth Vader: Into the Fire Part 1

Vader is in trouble! Palpatine is very displeased with his apprentice who has allowed his anger and hate to slip away and become grief-stricken after his encounter with Sabé and the Amidalans. Vader is struck with the Emperor’s lightning before being attacked by the Royal Guards. Mas Amedda tells Vader that his actions, allowing LukeContinue reading “Darth Vader: Into the Fire Part 1”

Darth Vader: Dark Heart of the Sith Part 4 Comic Review

Thank the Maker this was released this week! Ever since the cliffhanger of the last issue I have been nigh on desperate for this issue to come out, coupled with the fact I have almost finished reading ‘Queen’s Peril’ and I am all in for the stories about Padmé and her Handmaidens. Vader, Sabé, TonraContinue reading “Darth Vader: Dark Heart of the Sith Part 4 Comic Review”

Darth Vader Issue 3 – Dark Heart of the Sith Part 3

The Dark Lord returns in the first issue of Greg Pak’s series to be released since March, and I feel that it deserves a very, very warm welcome. Sabé and Vader have reached Naboo and Vader’s memories of Padmé are coming back thick and fast as he remembers their time on Naboo during ‘Attack ofContinue reading “Darth Vader Issue 3 – Dark Heart of the Sith Part 3”