Rey’s Parents. Did We Ask the Wrong Questions?

I was listening to to latest episode of TATOOINE SONS the other day where they were discussing Rey and something clicked in my head, granted, I could just be really slow in thinking this and folks reason this are now thinking “Well duh!” but when has that stopped me in my search for new content?

Through the Sequel Trilogy, the topic of Rey’s parents has been a hot one to say the least. From clutching at any available straw in the aftermath of ‘The Force Awakens’, vehemently proclaiming Kylo to be a liar in ‘The Last Jedi’ to flat out disbelief and scoffing in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ (not me, but there have been many).

But in the run up to the revelation in ‘TROS’ were we asking the wrong question? Rather than ‘who’, shouldn’t we have been asking ‘where’ and ‘why’?

I remember after ‘The Force Awakens’ came out and the speculation was rife on who her parents were, wondering if Rey was a secret daughter of any of the main three heroes, even going as far as having either Han or Leia having an affair. I even read one absurd theory saying that Rey was the child of Luke and Leia (some wierd Force conception).

But taking a look at our main heroes, would Han or Leia ever commit adultery, or even abandon their child? Would Luke be that dead-beat Dad, leaving his daughter on Jakku? No! We know these characters and, if I may be brutally honest here, these theories are utterly ridiculous and the situations we find them in ‘The Force Awakens’ feel completely logical (don’t @ me).

What I rarely seemed to see at the time were the speculations on why she was left, or where her parents had gone? There were some, that she was hidden to keep her safe from Kylo Ren was a popular theory for a while, but of course we found it to be false when we saw ‘The Last Jedi’ and Kylo tells her that her parents are nobodies, that she isn’t connected to the big story.

But in the interim between the second and third installments of the Sequel Trilogy, the speculation continued, the belief that she was the daughter someone important to the Saga (technically she isn’t, and Kylo only saw what she knew).

The fans did seem to realise that, given her age when she is left on Jakku that she should still remember her parents, and her last name, but was she ever really given a last name? Would her parents have burdened her with the name Palpatine? Of course not. And as Kylo says in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’, she remebers more than she is letting on, but what exactly was that? We see her remember her parents saying goodbye and flying away on Ochi’s ship.

But why were we so obsessed with who her parents are? Shouldn’t we have been focusing on why she was left and where her parents were? Or even why hadn’t they come back? Of course now we know why and it seems incredibly obvious that they would have been killed, but the why of it all would have still been lingering.

We will always speculate, we will always want answers to our questions, but did was put too much stock in the identities of Rey’s parents too early? I mean the whole set up in ‘The Force Awakens’ meant that the plot thread would be revisited and the overall mystery continue through the trilogy, and i really think we spent too much time focusing on it as a collective fandom, we will always get answers and that was a question too important to ignore.

Perhaps we should have been asking where Snoke got his wardrobe?

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