My Top Star Wars Moments 7

OK, I admit, the destruction of Alderaan in ‘A New Hope’ is an odd one to have in my list of top moments, but a memory of when I watched it one time will always stick with me.

It was in the lead-up to ‘Revenge of the Sith’ arriving in cinemas and I was making my way through the films (as is the way). My folks had just bought an HD Ready TV, 50 inch screen. Almost 50 inch deep as well (doors were removed to get it in the house) and speakers to die for.

So I cranked up the volume to 50% and as Alderaan exploded, it felt like the house shook. I mean seriously shook.

My Dad was upstairs and yelled down, “What was that?”, not angry but massively impressed.

“Alderaan exploding!” I replied, turning it down to a more manageable 35.

“Wow!” came his response.

Another happy Star Wars memory.

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