Darth Vader Issue 2 – Dark Heart of the Sith Part 2

Vader remembers back to the Battle of Geonosis, to the moment where Padmé confesses her love to him and the moments in the battle where they fought together whilst he tries to talk to the woman who looks like his dead wife in front of him.

She attacks him and he Force Chokes her but becomes distracted and lets her go. She manages to escape whilst the attack creatures reach Vader who wipes them out.

Vader chases her down and it is revealed that the Padmé lookalike is actually Sabé, Padmé’s former Handmaiden who acted as her double during ‘The Phantom Menace’ and acted as a secret operative for Senator Amidala during ‘Queen’s Shadow’ and beyond.

They talk about how she knew Padmé’s death meant more, she believed that Palpatine had her killed whilst Vader claims he wants for find the ones who hid her before she died.

The two come to an agreement to work together to get the answers they both seek.

This issue was fairly dialogue heavy with bits of action added to break up the chatter, and whilst this isn’t really the medium for lengthy conversations, Greg Pak and Raffaele Ienco really keep the story flowing well.

The revelation that the doppelgänger is in fact Sabé wasn’t much of a surprise, but that may be because I have read ‘Queen’s Shadow’ and know the nature of their relationship after Padmé becomes the Naboo Senator. It’s really interesting to see all of the little details that Vader’s forensics Droid points out about Sabé that gave her away, to the Droid. Even Vader was convinced it was Padmé.

Now that the two of them are working together to discover the secrets behind Padmé’s death, I’m super intrigued to see where this story will go. What will they find out? Other than the Medical Droids on Polis Massa, they won’t be able to find those present, Obi-Wan and Bail Organa are dead, Yoda in hiding and R2 is off with the Rebellion so wherever they end up will give us some interesting new takes on her death.

I’m also interested in seeing how Vader continues to react working with Sabé when she looks almost identical to the woman he has obsessed over for most of his life.

Pak is definitely taking Vader in a great direction and the next issue just can’t come quick enough.

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