Star Wars: Issue 3 – The Destiny Path Part 3

Like TV Shows, sometimes you get an issue of a comics series that essentially acts as a way of setting something up, and this issue of Soule’s ‘Star Wars’ is just that.

Luke, Leia and Lando head to Cloud City, each with their own agenda. Luke is searching for his lightsaber, Leia is investigating the Carbon Freeze Chamber to learn how to unfreeze the contents and Lando is looking for Lobot.

With the Imperial occupation of Cloud City well underway, the heroes have to be careful and for the most part they are.

Lando manages to lock out the Empire from the Cloud City computers using his wrist-computer connected to Lobot, who the Empire has plugged into the mainframe using his implant.

Luke makes it to the smelting room where Lando says his lightsaber would have gone.

Leia is not so lucky and gets caught by some Stormtroopers who capture her and freeze her in Carbonite.

My storytelling instincts tell me that this is that part of the second act where the writers are putting everyone in place, building up to the third act, which is why it feels like not a lot happens, but I’ve got a feeling that the next couple of issues are going to be great.

Soule’s grasp of the characters is still on point and I hope we are going to get more of the Lando/Lobot dynamic that he wrote in his ‘Lando’ mini-series. I also think that by the end of the next couple of issues, Leia’s distrust of Lando may start to wane as I’m theorising that it will be Lando who saves her in the end.

Whilst not my favourite issue of this run, it keeps the story pushing forward and building towards some big events. This issue doesn’t show anything from the larger Rebellion, which is the story I’m really interested in but it’s always fun seeing our heroes on a new adventure.

The great thing is, we are still able to get some great twists and turns for the main characters, without the stress of wondering if they will make it.

But I bet no one saw this coming.

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