#CollectionCorner – Lego Major Vonreg’s TIE Fighter

I’ve not been subtle about my thoughts on the lack of Lego sets based on ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ since it launched last year, but out of the two we have got, the one I was most interested in is Major Vonreg’s TIE Fighter, an updated version of the Imperial TIE Interceptor with a bright Red colour scheme that differentiates Vonreg from the rest of the First Order’s TIE Squadrons.

First of all, the box. The image shows us just how great this set looks. It’s a TIE Fighter but it looks different, I can’t decide if it’s the colours or the design but I really like the look of it.

The box contains five numbered bags and the instructions, no stickers on this set which is always a bit of a bonus.

As I said before, this is a TIE Fighter set, so if you have built one before then you know how the build will generally go. So in Bag 1 we get the lower half of the cockpit and the beginnings of the wing pylons. The cockpit has room for a mini-fig to sit in comfortably and uses a Battle Droid torso for the control yoke.

Bag 1 also gives us the ships pilot, Major Vonreg. His red jumpsuit is nicely printed both front and back and the dual moulded helmet looks great. For anyone wondering what the character looks like under that helmet though you are in for some disappointment as it comes with a solid black head piece, his identity remains anonymous.

Bag 2 adds to the cockpit and completes the wing pylons as well as the centre part of each wing. This part of the build was really interesting as the pylons are built hollow and the centre parts have technic beams that slot into each pylon and are held in with pins. This is the first time I have seen this on a TIE Fighter build and it’s a definite upgrade in my opinion as it feels a lot more solid than other TIE variations I have built (not to say that they are poorly designed, just the advancements of the design are great).

Bags 3 and 4 build the wings. The red and black design of them is incredibly striking and are held in place by technic pins and angled connectors. What I enjoyed here is that they didn’t feel repetitive, which can be a problem with building TIE Fighter wings. We also get the missile firing mechanism in Bag 4 that looks like a Flux Capacitor from ‘Back to the Future’ and attaches to the back of the cockpit.

Bag 4 also gives us Kazuda Xiono (or Kaz). The printed design is accurate and looks great. The hair looks good but my problem is the expressions. We have a grim looking one (above) and an angry one, but these don’t really represent the character. I would have accepted the grim one had the other face been more jovial or goofy like the character in the show.

Bag 5 finishes the Cockpit as well as add details to the wing pylons and the rear of the ship to cover the Flux Capacitor, sorry, firing mechanism, the rear part looks like the back of Vader’s TIE Advanced just not as bulky.

We also get Bucket!!! The cranky Droid that works for Yeager and Team Fireball. It was pretty fun to actually build this, with seven pieces it’s the most parts I have seen on a Lego Astromech Droid.

Overall, it’s a really nice set and adds some fun variety to a vehicle that can be repetitive to build and display.

The mini-fig selection though is, in a way, a bit odd. With this being a First Order set I would have expected more of those characters. Surely this would be a great opportunity to re-release a Phasma mini-fig, seeing as Phasma and Vonreg spend some time working together in the series rather than having General Leia, who has very little screen time in the show. Kaz is a more obvious choice as he and Vonreg interact in the show but having Bucket, who is Yeager’s Droid is again, odd. Why not give us CB-23, who joins Kaz partway through the series after Poe takes BB-8 to Jakku?

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