#Collection Corner – Could We Ever Get a Lego Star Wars Mini-Fig Blind Bag Series?

Every year, Lego releases multiple waves of Blind Bagged Mini-Figs. There have been numerous waves of Mini-Figs from Mini-Figs in fun outfits, Lego Movie/Ninjago/Lego Batman themes and recently the Lego Harry Potter series.

Now after 20 Years and more potential characters than you could shake a stick at, why can’t he get a Star Wars series of mini-figs, blind bagged and full of Star Wars greatness.

The franchise lends itself to having a series of mini-figs, just look at both the Vintage Kenner toys and all of Hasbro’s output of figures over the last 20 plus years and the continuing growth of the franchise.

Even bringing out obscure characters would draw the fans in or mini-figs that haven’t been in many sets like Phasma or either of the Hux figures.

I for one can honestly say that I would buy them all, and most Star Wars Lego Collectors would snap them up in a heartbeat. Add in some new or updated designs and it would be a goldmine. Lego have said that they re-design sets for new audiences, then why not give those new audiences the chance to get some of the figures that have been retired. I for one would hut down the remaining Ghost Crew figures from ‘Star Wars: Rebels’, I’m currently after Zeb and Ezra, here’s an idea, why not make a Season 3/4 Ezra and exclusive to the collection? Thrawn has been retired along with the ‘Phantom II’ set, and he’s a very popular character, why not throw him into the mix.

We’re in the early days of ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ sets but there’s a whole cavalcade of characters to pick from (Opeepit for the win).

The choices are limitless, we have multiple characters with multiple costumes and more content to mine characters from, the possibilities are almost endless.

So come on Lego, let’s get a #LegoStarWarsMinifigSeries going.

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