#Collection Corner – Lego T-65 X-Wing (2018)

As some of my older readers may know, I got my first Star Wars Lego set in 1999 and it was the X-Wing. At the time it was the best thing ever. Screen accuracy meant nothing to me. I had a Lego X-Wing and that was all that mattered.

Fast forward to 2016, my Lego Star Wars collection was in its infancy after not getting any since 2005 and I had a serious itch that I needed to scratch. I wanted Poe Dameron’s X-Wing from ‘The Force Awakens’ so I went and bought it after my Dad and I watched TFA on Blu-Ray.

And now, almost three years later I had another X-Wing shaped itch. I wanted the OT X-Wing to hang with my OT TIE Fighter (reviewed back in July), so discussions were had, messages sent, Christmas gifts exchanged and my folks had bought me it.

The set includes 730 pieces in six numbered bags, Luke Skywalker, Biggs Darklighter, R2-D2 and R2-Q2 mini-figs, instruction book and a sheet of stickers, all for the RRP of £89.99.

Bag 1 gives us the Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 mini-figs. Luke comes with a blaster, lightsaber and flight helmet. The helmet is a new design which is slightly larger than the previous design which allows the visor to be built into the helmet as opposed to printed in the mini-figs head.

The only problem here for me is that the mini-figs don’t come with additional hair pieces.

The build itself is the bare bones of the cockpit and rear of the ship. It does however include the lever mechanism for the S-Foil wings deployment at feature.

Bag 2 gives us the completed nose of the starship and cockpit interior. Two stickers add designs to the roof of the nose whilst the rest is done through different coloured bricks. The console in the cockpit is a printed 1×2 cheese wedge. The nose is given is angled design through technic pieces and hinges and give it a really great shape.

Bag three finishes the cockpit exterior, including the printed canopy and Astromech Droid slot, which allows the Astromech to be in a facing forward position whilst maintaining a slim design. The rear part of the ship has been built up slightly, including the second part of the S-Foils deployment play feature as pictured below.

The lever on top opens the wings and then they close by pushing the pin in the middle.

Bag four gives us Biggs Darklighter with blaster and helmet and R2-Q2. This bag also contains to wings for one side of the ship.

Bag five gives us the other set of wings. The wings are a good size and the engines are well built, where on previous sets they were made as a whole piece, these are now built using semi-circle pieces puts together with added details at the front and back. Like Poe Dameron’s X-Wing (and other precious X-Wing sets in the last ten years) elastic bands are used to aid the S-Foil deployment play feature, unlike Poe’s X-Wing which has all of the elastic bands at the rear of the engine, this set has one at the front of the engine and one at the back.

Bag six completes the build by competing the engines and adding detail to the wings in the form of stickers. One of the play features of this set is being able to change the details to match either Luke’s ‘Red 5′ X-Wing of Biggs’ ‘Red 3′ X-Wing by using different stickers. I have mine displayed as Luke’s ship but these stickers are for Biggs’.

I am very impressed by the level of detail this ship has. The rear of the ship is beautifully detailed and looks very impressive by using tool pieces and pirate guns to look like mechanical parts.

The ship look great in both cruising mode and attack mode and the wings deploy smoothly and at spot-on angles to the ships seen in the films.

As far as play features, of course the wings deploy, but it also comes with two stud shooters, one in either side of the cockpit, in place of the in-screen versions missile launchers and four firing missiles, one on each wing placed by the ships laser cannons.

All in all, it’s a lovely build and an amazing looking finished product that I would happily recommend to any collector, young and old. My only gripe, other than being about £10 overpriced is that the wings are affected you gravity and droop slightly, as seen below.

But at the same time it doesn’t hinder play or display so it’s really only a minor issue that I have, but I still really love this set and I am so pleased that I can now display it with my Imperial TIE Fighter.

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